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|Updated: 2022-10-17

Ganzhou district is the place where Zhangye Municipal Government locates in, which has been a key position of Hexi Corridor and a must place for military strategy and business since ancient time. Ganzhou district covers an area of 3661 square kilometers, including 18 towns, 5 streets, 244 villages and 21 communities with population of 519,700. Boasted with a history of 5000 years, the district is dotted with scenic spots and historical sites such as temples, ancient towns, tombs and beacon towers. It is not only the center of cultural tourism for tourists from surrounding places of Zhangye but also is one of China’s 100 most beautiful cities and counties and a national green and ecological demonstration city.

Ganzhou district has abundant light and heat resources, developed irrigation agriculture and rich in wheat, corn, small grains, sunflower, vegetables and other 80 kinds of agricultural products and rare Chinese medicinal herbs. It is the nation’s largest county-level corn seed production base and key commodity grain production base, cattle breeding demonstration area. It is also a national advantage agricultural products region, a core area of the national hybrid corn seed production base and one of seven large grain producing counties of Gansu Province. The district has been approved as the national modern agriculture demonstration zone, pilot and demonstration zones for agricultural reform and construction, national agricultural industrialization demonstration base and many other honorary titles.

As the center of Zhangye city, Ganzhou district gathers many universities, scientific research institutions and professional talents, providing convenience for economic and technological cooperation, information resource sharing as well as scientific and technological research and innovation. Ganzhou district is rich in solar energy, wind energy and water power resource, having great potential for development. It has quality agricultural products and high-level industrialization, owning a number of large-scale and strong competitive provincial-level leading enterprises. The district has rich land resources, which has promising prospect for developing intelligent manufacturing, new energy, agricultural product and by product processing, new building materials and biomedical chemical industry.

In 2021, the regional GDP of Ganzhou district reached 22.986 billion yuan and the per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents reached 31,763 yuan and 18,610 yuan respectively. In the next five years, Ganzhou district will focus on industry-led and urban service-led orientation, pushing forward ecological civilization construction, rural revitalization, peaceful China initiative and high-quality development of county economy in order to achieve the common prosperity. 

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